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Awards and Accomplishments


We are very proud of our student athletes who have went on to participate in college athletics.

Melinda Francis Gymnastics Kent Staqte
Merikim Hime Club gymnastics Miami University
Kelly Gerhardstein Diving Rutgers
Jenny Guerra Cheerleading Dayton
Leslie Berki Cheerleading Baldwin Wallace
Sara Blazar Club gymnastics Miami University
Molly Melching Cheerleading Ohio State
Valerie Gohlike Cheerleading & Club gymnastics Ohio State
Ashley Short Diving  
Leanna Krabill Cheerleading Capitol
Tara Schnittker Cheerleading Ohio State
Lindsey Brunner Cheerleading Ohio State
Jenna Domanski Cheerleading University of Kentucky
Olivia Herb Cheerleading Toledo
Greg Voltz Cheerleading Cinncinnati
Emily Guerra Cheerleading Mount Union
Emily Christman Cheerleading Xavier
Aliecia Bores Cheerleading Ohio University
Dom Munafo Cheerleading Bowling Green

Jacquelyn Grazziani

Cheerleading Capitol
Nikki Harris Cheerleading Bowling Green
Sara Widman Cheerleading John Caroll
Ashley Ostheimer Cheerleading Ball State
Hannah Gilchrist Cheerleading Toledo
Ashton Stimmel Cheerleading Findlay
Brooke Browning Cheerleading Ashland
Renee Hauler Cheerleading Ohio State
Sara Borsick Cheerleading Bowling Green
Stephanie Guerra Cheerleading Dayton
Lena Camella Cheerleading John Carol
Emily DeMuth Cheerleading Kent State
Ashley Hoffman Cheerleading Kent State
Kristina Koch Cheerleading Dayton
Alyssa Moore Cheerleading John Carol


Twist Club

This is an exclusive list of our student athletes who learned how to perform a full twist or more at American Pride.

Molly Melching
Ashley Short (Double Fulls) Valerie Gohlike
Melinda Francis (Double Fulls) Christy Linder (Double Fulls) Emily Guerra
Leigh Ann Albrechta (Double Fulls) Kaylinn Koelsch Emily Demuth (1 1/2)
Emily Christman Dom  Munafo Hannah Gilchrist
Nikki Harris Jenna Domanski (Double Fulls) Emily Zorn
Danielle Kaufman (Double Fulls) Erin Foreman (2 1/2 Twist) Allissa Moore
Hopeanne Wohlers Tiffany Johnson Kristina Koch (Double Fulls)
Elyse Koch Abby Dahs (1 1/2) Stephanie Frasca
Brittany Erhardt Allyssa Link Shana Anglin
Jessie Snyder Jessica Moore  Lexi Bass (1 1/2)
Kory Penrod Emily Mattey  
Kristin Anstead Raquel Boose